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Campaign Manager

MYT’s Campaign Manager Module allows businesses to establish cost effective customer contact strategies in order to build long term relationships promoting both customer retention and customer loyalty.

It allows businesses to simply and quickly engage with their target audiences promoting, informing, cross selling and up selling through the creation and sending of personalized communications via SMS, MMS, WAP or combinations of these from one source to audiences ranging from hundreds to millions. 

Businesses utilize MYT Campaign Manager where previously they have invested in sending communications via post or requiring an employee to make telephone calls thus significantly reducing operating costs for the organization.  Response rates can also be significantly increased through scheduling delivery and personalizing communications.

Each campaign will provide greater insight into the lives of customers and the best time to target them through the sophisticated reporting system, increasing the chance of success in future mobile CRM campaign activity.

The intuitive web interface negates the need for training or technical understanding and enables CRM managers to create, launch and manage powerful integrated mobile CRM campaigns in minutes.